Create a Premium or Packed Gift for the premiere of HBO’s new original series, “El Jardín de Bronce”, that generates interest and buzz and encourages Cable Operator Affiliates to have HBO on top of mind when deciding what programming to promote.

Creative Concept

Packaging Design

Product Design

Print Production


“El Jardín de Bronce” follows a father’s desperate 10-year search for his missing daughter in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The story tackles a very strong topic common through out Latin America and around the world: child abductions. To communicate the basic essence and plot of the series we created a hinged box that opened up to reveal an adult and child hand laying on top of the Buenos Aires subway map. Once the adult hand was pulled away from the child’s hand, an LED light on the subway map would begin blinking indicating the station in which the father’s daughter was last seen. Embedded on the girl’s hand was a coin-size bluetooth tracker, which essentially works not only for users to keep track of their children, but anything you love and would hate to lose: your dog, keys, wallet, bike etc.